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Internationally ?the motor vehicle spare parts business has been achieved an enormous transformation. In UAE we began as a business to meet domestic requirement and export to some of the African countries.  ATARID Auto Spare Parts Tr. L.L.C. is one among the key participant in this business boom and has got a long-lasting reputation and dignity in this field. The company is strategically expanded its business at the intersection of Africa and Asia.


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?We are the exclusive dealers for SK genuine parts

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ATARID Auto team share a common business idea and continually enhance our product and service assortment. We maintain an active re-export planning strategy, which ensures a result with globally emerging opportunities. Our extensive portfolio of products cover a varied range and quality, including original and replacement spare parts for Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Isuzu and Land Rover with potential, satisfied customers in 45 countries .


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ATARID aims to be an important organizer in the Auto spare parts re-export trading, with gradual improvement, prompt service and reliability. The company builds on its contracts with Government institutions, reputed worldwide organizations and the comprehensive support of Trading Giants. ATARID ensures the best service to meet all of your auto spare parts requirements. We staff and management allocate a general idea that ATARID auto Parts L.L.C. LLC's Suppliers and Customers are the livelihood of the business - not mere supporters.




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